Friday, August 29, 2014

The 118th Humboldt County Fair - Some Pictures

The Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale California has been in existence since 1896.

 The old wooden grand stands come complete with human and robotic betting underneath and of course beer and cocktails.

There is still a nice horse racing track that experts call one of the most natural or organic of all the tracks in the country.  The 10 day event still offered 6 days of horse racing and betting. I didn't do so good betting on 3 and 4 to win.

The light house used to house an 1800's Fresnel lens from the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse. The lens was removed from the original location and moved to Ferndale in 1948 where it stayed until it was moved to a museum in 2012. The value of the lens is estimated at about $2-million dollars.

There was a seal exhibit this year and they did a good job posing for pictures, as well as the usual fair fare. Animals, art, plant exhibits, great food, rides and even a zip line.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Final Eureka Summer Concert Series Concert Was Dedicated To Rocky.

The band Decades played to a large crowd in Eureka's Old Town on the waterfront. It was the final Thursday Night Concert of the 10 week season and it was dedicated to Rocky of Rocky's Off Road.

The final Eureka Main St. & Bicoastal Media, "Eureka Summer Concert Series" Thursday night concert of the 2014 season was tonight with the band Decades. They did a fantastic job of playing the hits or what they call, "nostalgic rock & roll". This concert was dedicated to the memory of Rocky from "Rocky's Off Road" who has been involved in the concert series for years and was also a sponsor. A few weeks ago he was dancing at one of the concerts with his grand daughter and then he was gone. RIP.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EPA Radnet Eureka No Longer Reporting Beta Radiation

Last Thursday, August 7th. was the last time the EPA's Eureka Radnet monitor delivered any readings for Beta Radiation in Eureka. Today is day 6 with no Beta information. The query tool was even down for a couple of days but it is back up and you can see it here.
Photo from

It is still reporting 0 for background Beta radiation though.

I called the EPA to find out what was up and when the monitor would be fixed. I got passed around from agent to agent and finally someone took my email information and said they would get back to me. I got an email from a Mr. Jones at the EPA yesterday asking me what my original question was. I told them about the meter and he said he would get back to me.

I'm still waiting. I'll update here when ever I get any information about this.

Here's our response. Please attribute to US EPA:
The Eureka site is one of several RadNet sites that are affected by local radiofrequency interference. When the monitor experiences radiofrequency interference, the data do not accurately reflect beta counts at the monitor, therefore, it is not reported.  
Also, the Eureka RadNet monitor continues to collect air filter samples that are sent for detailed laboratory analysis on a regular basis, including gross beta analysis. The most recent results, from June 13, 2014, are available at:

I asked a follow up question to Environmental Protection Agency
  I do have one question. What frequency or frequencies are causing the interference? Do you have any spectrum analysis  plots to identify the offending frequencies?

Here is the answer I got from EPA today.

The answer to the cause of electromagnetic interference is not clearly defined since it varies at each location. EPA still posts gross beta information from the analysis of air filters from our RadNet air monitors on Envirofacts at

At the above site the radiation is no longer counted in counts per minute or CPM.  Everything I had reported in the past was in CPM.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Karel Stands Up Live In Arcata Tonight!

Comedian, writer, actor and radio talk show host Karel will be doing his stand up show live on stage in Arcata Ca. tonight

Where: Jambalaya 915 H Street Arcata Ca. 95521
Call 707-822-4766 or

When: 7 pm tonight, July 31st. 2014

Why: Because we all need a laugh

Tickets at the door or at

Monday, July 21, 2014

Westhaven Blackberry Festival This Sunday

The 54th Annual Westhaven Blackberry Festival is this Sunday July 27th. The celebration of the
thorny but delicious berries that love Westhaven and most of the north coast. In fact, the Himalayan
Blackberry is as you might guess by it's name, not native to California but many other varieties are. The University of California says that of the 11 species of Rubis (blackberries) in California, 4 were introduced primarily from Eurasia.

This years festival  just south of Trinidad California, above the Pacific Ocean will take place from 10 am till 6 pm. Come earlier if you don't want to miss out on the pie. In fact this year, on Saturday July 26th, Seniors and Disabled people can pick up their pies and jams a day early between 11 am and 2 pm. Take US 101 to 6th Avenue exit and look for the crowds.

The Westhaven Blackberry Festival is a fund raiser for the Westhaven Volunteer Fire Department. There will be whole blackberry pies, blackberry ice cream sundaes, food, beer, wine, crafts and other booths and live music.

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