Monday, July 21, 2014

Westhaven Blackberry Festival This Sunday

The 54th Annual Westhaven Blackberry Festival is this Sunday July 27th. The celebration of the
thorny but delicious berries that love Westhaven and most of the north coast. In fact, the Himalayan
Blackberry is as you might guess by it's name, not native to California but many other varieties are. The University of California says that of the 11 species of Rubis (blackberries) in California, 4 were introduced primarily from Eurasia.

This years festival  just south of Trinidad California, above the Pacific Ocean will take place from 10 am till 6 pm. Come earlier if you don't want to miss out on the pie. In fact this year, on Saturday July 26th, Seniors and Disabled people can pick up their pies and jams a day early between 11 am and 2 pm. Take US 101 to 6th Avenue exit and look for the crowds.

The Westhaven Blackberry Festival is a fund raiser for the Westhaven Volunteer Fire Department. There will be whole blackberry pies, blackberry ice cream sundaes, food, beer, wine, crafts and other booths and live music.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Bike And Pedestrian Trails Taking Shape Between Arcata And Eureka On US 101

Although it's just the beginning of improvements proposed for the US Route 101 Corridor between Arcata and Eureka, photos show that new bike and pedestrian trails are starting to become evident.

Caltrans has reduced the left lanes of the corridor from 12 feet wide to 11 feet. The additional foot is being added to the shoulder and is considered a traffic calming measure. Along with the extra foot taken from the left lane of auto traffic, a rock bed was added to the edge of the shoulder which allowed and extra foot of pavement on the very edge of the roadway. This additional 1 foot on each side means that the new bike trails will be 10 feet wide instead of only 8.

Also noticeable is the dark red color added to the trail part of the pavement which is designed to further visually distinguish the trail from the roadway and further enhance traffic calming.

Bikes and pedestrians still have to cross traffic at every intersection and perpendicular road way but that problem will be addressed in the future if both Caltrans and trail advocates have their way. The current improvements are designed to reduce traffic collisions at the intersections. The red bike lane color is absent from the intersection crossings to raise awareness for both motorized vehicles and non motorized vehicles when in and near the intersections.

In the long run, Caltrans wants to build bridges and interchanges to eliminate cross traffic in the corridor but that proposal keeps running into opposition. You can read more about the US 101 Corridor improvement projects here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ring of Fire Radio Calls It quits for weekday show, KGOE to make changes.

Sam Seder
Sam Seder announced today that Ring of Fire Radio heard locally on KGOE 1480 AM will be quitting their weekday shows. Next week they will run reruns in the Noon to 3 pm time slot.

The Saturday ROF show will still be produced and airs also from Noon to 3 pm but on Saturdays. 

KGOE will replace Ring of  Fire M-F with The Leslie Marshal Show. Currently Leslie airs live 4 to 7 pm but will move her live show to Noon to 3 pm. 

Alan Colmes will be added to KGOE and air live from 3 to 6 pm weekdays, followed by the Karel Podcast from 6 to 7 pm. Karel currently airs 3 to 4 pm. 
Alan Colmes

The changes will take place on Monday, July 21st. 


Friday, June 27, 2014

McKenna Faith At Eureka Summer Concert Series In The Rain

Rain drops appeared by the time the band took stage at the Eureka Summer Concert Series Thursday Night Concert. The large drops were far between for a while and then grew more constant just before backing off again for a while. The show went on anyway with a cool raffle and pizza from Westside Pizza in Arcata benefiting St. Jude Children's Hospital.

The concert which is part of Eureka Main Street and Bicoastal Media.
are Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm on the Eureka Boardwalk at the foot of C Street. Kayaks and canoes are always welcome back stage along with the state's smallest licensed cocktail lounge, The Madeket.
It can be found docked behind the stage before and after the harbor cruises.

The series starts in June and runs every Thursday through August 21st.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Computer Talk Is Back On Humboldt's New Jazz Station

A new local online radio station is up and going 24/7 called Local FM.Net. It has a tiny FM signal at 96.9 FM in Eureka and if you can pick it up, you are pretty close to Robert's house near 10th and M Streets. The 30 milliWatt transmitter goes about 200 feet but in an emergency it can go up to 7 watts which would cover way more, perhaps a couple of miles or more.

There is a feature at the web site called the News Weather & Neighborhood Bulletin Board show. It is available on demand and is produced at 11am and 7 pm. There is also NPR News.

Built on 8 free software packages and a donated XP computer Robert says he has all of about $400.00 worth of equipment so far but he will be adding things like it's own back up power.

As it stands it has the Emergency Alert System for weather as it is hooked up to a Midland WR300 Weather Radio which has EAS Activation, and something missing around here. Great Jazz!

There is also a great weekend show that used to be on KGOE in Eureka. Dave Mason and his brother Evil Steve of Computer Talk take your calls and talk computers. That airs live on Saturday's from 10 AM to Noon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jefferson Starfish

Unlike the Jefferson Starfish, the West Coast Starfish isn't made up. It is evidently a Keystone species. If this species becomes extinct, it will take a major ocean predator out of the food chain. That will have unknown side effects on all life in the Pacific Ocean.
In this picture you can see the voracious starfish eating a sea gull

Or as KUOW points out " Sea stars are an apex predator in the intertidal zone. They voraciously consume mussels and other shellfish, and they are referred to as a “keystone species,” meaning that, like in any stone building, if you remove the keystone, things start to crumble."

More from Seattle Radio Station KUOW 94.9 FM.  See the video and the article on the subject.

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