Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scandinavian Radio And Web Site Suggest Link Between UN, Greystone LTD. Mercenaries and Ukraine

 Contractors from private security companies are supposed to do what NATO cannot do openly, they train terrorists who destabilize situation in Ukraine, Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

 See this story at Red Ice Creations or watch the RT Video below or both. 

The article in Red Ice Creations linked above suggeest the link between mercenaries like Greystone and the Ukrainian government.
Greystone is the company formerly known as Blackwater which received 6 billion dollars in funds from the US that the State Department didn't keep track of. An ABC News report says the company denies it's involvement in the Ukraine.

In another RT report, the recent reports of Russian troops on the boarder photographs appear to be from 8 months ago during a training exercise.
Click above link to see the photos and more on this story.

Candidates for District Attorney Forum On KGOE 1480 AM Eureka Ca. This Afternoon

The KGOE 1480 AM Candidates forum for District Attorney will air at 4:05 pm right after ABC News this afternoon (Saturday).  No, you can't listen to the stream because there isn't one but if you are on the North Coast of California or Southern Oregon, you might be able to hear it.

3 of the 4 candidates attended, from left to right in the picture: Alex Krug, the time keeper and engineer, JB Mathers the host with Maggie Fleming, Elan Firpo and Allan Dollison. Arnie Klein couldn't make it due to illness. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great Ball of Fire

It was a fantastic sunset tonight over the Pacific Ocean on the North Coast.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3 Out Of 4 Candidates At Trinidad Forum

The League of Women Voters threw a nice forum tonight in Trinidad. 3 of the 4 candidates vying for
the open seat being vacated by District Attorney Paul Gallegos made the trek to Trinidad Town Hall and were pleasantly
greeted by beverages, Hors d' oeuvures and a nice crowd. Candidate Arnie Klein couldn't make it due to the flu. I hope he gets well soon.
 The crowd was encouraged to to write questions on a card and those were used in the forum. I asked if any of them believed that being homeless should be illegal or a crime and why. Allan Dollison, Elan Firpo and Maggie Fleming all said that not only did they not believe that homelessness should not be a crime, all three argued that homeless people were often and disproportionally victims of crime.

I'm going to be producing a forum with, hopefully all 4 candidates for DA for KGOE AM 1480. We will be recording it on April 10th and I would like to invite anyone that lives in Humboldt County to submit questions for us to ask the candidates. You can just leave your questions in the comments section of this blog and I still allow anonymous posts so feel free to ask away.

We have a great bunch of candidates this time around so this race is anything but certain for any of the them. Lucky for us, there are going to be many chances for people to see, read about or hear from the candidates before the June runoff. I assume a runoff but if one candidate get more that 50% of the vote, from what I understand, they could wrap it up early. That just doesn't seem likely with this great bunch of candidates and I'm expecting it to go all the way to November. If I have that part wrong about the way this election will work, straighten me out in the comment section.

KXGO, 93.1 FM Has Become KSLG

The Classic Rock station for Humboldt County has become KSLG or K-Slug. What has been the quintessential rock station for Eureka Ca., 93.1 FM KXGO has become a slave or simulcast of KSLG which used to be a modern rock station that changed their format to something. This is not an April Fools prank as far as I know. The move away from classic rock has been in the works ever since Station Manager Tom Newhouse was hired. KSLG switched their format from Modern Rock to  "New Bands, New Songs & New Sounds ( or in other words, modern rock) which is an eclectic mix of new stuff that has few outlets on commercial radio anywhere in the United States.

93.1 and it's translator at 94.5 FM in Eureka which were well known and established as the Classic Rock station for a couple of decades for Humboldt County are now passing along that new sound.  KSLG is suggesting that former classic rock listeners tune to their local version of classic rock or "The Point" FM 100.3 and 102.7 FM but there are other alternatives such as Cool 105.5 which plays mostly Classic Hits from 1964 to 1984 and moves up a year each year as time goes on.

The times they are a changing, but there are still places on the dial where you can hear the likes of The Who,The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Cars, Ozzie Osbourne, Blue Oyster Cult,, Jimmy Hendrix, he Beatles, And all those other great classic rock bands I left out but it isn't 93.1 FM.


Monday, March 31, 2014

DA Candidates In Trinidad Tonight!

TRINIDAD- The League of Woman Voters of Humboldt County will be holding a District Attorney Candidate Forum on Tuesday. 
This is the communities chance to learn more about the intentions and goals of candidates Arnie Klein, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming, and Allan Dollison. 
The forum is Tuesday, April 1st in Trinidad at the town hall.
Trinidad Town Hall
April 1st From 6 To 7 P.M.
Trinidad Town Hall
409 Trinity Street

Thanks to my neighbors for telling me about this last night and thanks to KIEM News Channel 3 for reminding me to post it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is Humboldt's Pot Crop Growing In Radiated Soil? And More...

No! Not The Weed Dude! Now that I have your attention, read this.

Is Humboldt's pot crop growing in soil that contains Cesum 137 and 134? That's just one of the questions asked and answered in this long and extensive article about Fukushima radiation and all the bull shit that has been said about the subject. Is eating some bananas the same as Plutonium and Strontium 90? No. What is the normal background beta radiation in a jet at 36 thousand feet over the US mainland? Did radioactive rain fall in Death Valley California? Can we avoid Fukushima radiation by moving away from the ocean?

All of that and some information showing that even I have bought into some of the lies to placate the general population about the worst ecological disaster in modern times. My last post only scratches the surface of what is actually taking place according to Michael Collins at If you don't want to educate yourself on this subject, don't bother reading this article called "The Perfect Crime".

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Wall St. Gets $16 Trillion We Get Nothing

Ignorance Is Strength

Some things don't add up

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur

Architects and engineer’s upcoming documentary

Dr. Steven Jones part 2 of 2 on why steel buildings melt or the basics of Thermite