Saturday, November 7, 2009

High Water And Surf At Moonstone Beach Today

If you don't see video, click here.

The storm has brought high tides and storm surge as well as some big surf.  Moonstone Beach is under water and the waves come right up to the parking lot.

The levee along the railroad tracks between Elk River, on the south end of Eureka, and the PG&E power plant was eroded by large waves from the same storm surge. The levee lies directly in front of the opening to the bay, so large waves came directly at it on Saturday. They spilled green salt water onto the cow fields there and swept away large boulders. Work crews were busy dumping sand and more boulders along the washed out sections today. No cows were harmed by the salty intrusion.


  1. Sunday, cruising out to Centerville Beach, a new vista opened up of the ocean long before arriving at the parking lot. A long stretch of the dune north from the lot is gone and the previously protected cow fields are flooded. There was an old barn out in the middle of this new marsh.


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