Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Fries!

One of my favorite corporate persons, Jack Box, is giving away free  fries tomorrow.  Friday, April 16th. to anyone that shows up. 
There is sure to be a line at the drive thru in Eureka tomorrow.

If I go there I will receive free fries and therefore be offering up free advertising in exchange for fries.  But I would get them anyway.
I like the tacos.


  1. Starbucks is giving away free cup of joe if you bring your own mug!

  2. I wonder why they're giving them away free? Just curious. I suppose it's just a random "good will" attempt. Or, a good way to get you to buy something to go with them!

  3. Thank God,someone else who admits to liking JITB tacos. Aren't they great? JITB is the only fast food I eat here. I like their commercials, too.

  4. Anonymous, it's not cool to like a big chain here in Humboldt, but I do think the whole Jack Box thing is funny.

    Dave, I think they have a new brand of fries. Supposedly better than the old ones.


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