Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Earth/Rain Dance 2010

The weather was forecast to rain all 3 days of this years Earthdance in Laytonville Ca. Rain fell Friday afternoon as we were setting up camp but stopped before nightfall. Friday night and all day Saturday were fantastic weather and good times. The skies opened up near midnight into Sunday morning and things got exciting. Things cleared up in the late morning and it was another nice day at the last Earthdance to be held in Laytonville.

Next year Earthdance will be held in Vallejo Ca. in the San Francisco Bay area. Black Oak Ranch near Laytonville will hold a different festival in celebration of mother earth next year.
I'll have more info on that festival when I get it.

Below are some more pictures of this years Rain/Earthdance.
Here's my pick for best RV

Best Shrine

Best hand painted slogan written in large, friendly letters

Best camp mascot


  1. Something with high-rise tipis, Hitchhiker banners, porta-shrines, and gaff-taped-inflatable-pool-pals has to be a good time!


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