Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Looks Like Proof That We Are Being Sprayed With Something


  1. You are an insane person. Please seek help, and stop posting your insanity on the web. There is enough bad stuff here already.

  2. Reality just isn't bad enough for some people.

  3. It's the stuff that never never ever ever makes the news ever:

    Cloud seeding has fucked up the planet just the same. Australia's has the most comprehensive cloud seeding program for the longest time. Is it any wonder they're now suffering intollerable, irreversible drought? Russia following their footsteps, the USA keeping their own programs under tight wraps from media spotlight.

    No environmental permits etc. required for PG&E to seed clouds with their generators in the mountains just east of us.

  4. Umm, Australia is the flattest continent, a majority of it being a desert and most of the rest is semi-arid land.

    Australia is the driest inhabited continent. So, if they had a cloud-seeding program which they later stopped, well, it takes a monumental ignoramus on the scale of Ayers Rock to blame cloud seeding for a problem that has existed across the entire continent for millions of years.

    Good job. clap. clap. clap. Your tin foil hat is restricting the blood flow to your brain.

  5. Australia doesn't seed clouds anymore, anon? Good effort, clap clap clap. Go feed your brain with more of what's available point and click style. Won't find much info on specific cloud seeding operations, especially in the US. Wonder why? Of course you don't.


  7. 9:47, maybe I incorrectly inferred from the Tin Foiler at 9:05 (you?) that the seeding program ended. Here's the thing. Your point is irrelevant.

    My point stands regardless of whether Australia is seeding clouds or not. In no way, shape or form could anyone with a brain conclude that a continent that has been a desert for millions of years is in a drought because of a cloud seeding program started within the last, say, 60 years.

    Do the math, if you can. And loosen the tin foil on your hat because I believe you may pass out soon for lack of oxygen to your brain.

  8. you really got a thing for tinfoil hats there...a punchcard at the oxygen bar is what makes ye?

  9. Tinfoil hats are great but I think a respirator would be more useful.

  10. Maybe the tinfoil hatophiles are right, maybe there's nothing to worry about unregulated particulate generators wicking the moisture out of an area on a regular basis, all over the world.

  11. love the pot shots from random people that have to much invested in their current world view to open up and debate.

    name calling? nice try to marginalize, wont work anymore.


    ...who's calling who crazy? They look at costs...price to do vs. price as is...profit done vs. profit as is, and how it feeds a much larger chunk of economic geography than we're used to thinking in terms of. The machinery involved exists all over the world, is chugging away and speaks for itself.


    ...there's a followup. What's learned for certain? Not from conspiracy theorists or tinfoil hatters at all, but from the mouths of the officials themselves, and the great open sky we can all see: the military spraid a bunch of chemicals all over the moscow area between November and March. It snowed a lot as usual, more than usual.

    That's not a big story? So who pitched the core idea (big for the military do be doing the work), what were the chemicals, where else are they doing this, how often, are private corporations off the hook in the same way as ground based cloud seeding, regarding aerosol spraying in the US? What about in other nations? where when and how was the idea even tested, that they boast widespread results etc. etc. etc.


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