Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Rain

Overnight and early this morning we had some rain mixed with drizzle.  It was a warm drizzle that added up to about 2 tenths of an inch.  Not a lot by any standard but measurable none the less which is a bit rare here in the middle of July.

The wetness died down early though and didn't stop the Trinidad Artisan's Market from setting up. I read the latest issue of Savage Henry on Moonstone Beach with a breakfast burrito. 

Salmon season is on and in a big way, the ocean is calm and the fish are biting.  That brings a lot of boats to town.  This one parked in front of the Catch Cafe just made the sign more believable.


  1. Tom Dude! Tell it to stop! I amy have to cancel softball tonight in Arcata. Not cool!


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