Monday, September 26, 2011

Dinner And A Walmart Discussion With Friends' Of PARC

Residents of Humboldt County have long been voicing concerns about a
store coming to our area and once again that appears to be happening. Some

think we need to be discussing this.
We of PARK (concerned residents here) have reserved the Unitarian
Universalist facility on Jacoby Creek Rd. in Bayside off of Old Arcata Rd.
for next Saturday from 3:30 that's 5 p.m. untill we're through. We will be providing

an excellent Vegan dinner for donations, if able. Reservations are
encouraged. Call 4427465 thats 4427465


  1. This same bunch couldn't even qualify a simple municipal living wage initiative for the ballot, and their 'activism work' on police practices issues has done more to alienate the middle class than to organize it. They're no more able to "STOP WALMART" than to stop the Federal Reserve.

  2. Opposing Walmart and being able to STOP a Walmart are two different things.


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