Saturday, November 19, 2011

Students Pepper Sprayed For Their Safety

A link to a Common Dreams story about yesterday's US Davis Police pepper spraying students for the students safety.

Update: Video of UC Davis Chancellor walking to her car after the pepper spray incident. The silence is deafening.


  1. Saw the video and a preceding segment where student protesters were that warned force would be used against them if they remained there. The use of pepperspray-- dousing students twice with a fogger back and forth while sitting down peaceably-- was completely unwarranted and unnecessary, especially given the circumstances. In fact, it's was fairly outrageous.

  2. So tell us, Tom, why do you still argue with the morons over at the Mirror? Do you believe that you're going to outwit them, or force them see the light? Do you just enjoy being called a "douche nozzle"?
    Have some dignity, man.

  3. Tom a word to the wise....

    Last time I surfed over to the Mirror I noticed my computer was acting strangely an hour later, it had slowed down. I did a virus scan with Norton and AVG and found nothing. I found a specialized malware remover and it found a backdoor trojan keylogger. Something on the mirror site is injecting malicious code into your system. Be careful.

  4. That figures. Nothing done in a mirror is as it seems.

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    1. Sir king, you have no followers and don't make any sense.

  6. To Dung Beetle, the Mirror is no more and I am still here. Evidently, I out argued them or someone else did. Still, I remain for the time being.


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