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Monday, January 30, 2012

ACTA: The International Treaty You've Never Heard of That Could Affect Internet Freedom

ACTA: The International Treaty You've Never Heard of That Could Affect Internet Freedom

US among countries that have already signed ACTA

While there was massive attention last week to online anti-piracy bills -- SOPA in the House and the PIPA in the Senate -- ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, has received scant media attention yet poses a tremendous threat to online freedom.
RT reports on how the ACTA treaty will work:
Under this new treaty, Internet Service Providers will police all data passing through them, making them legally responsible for what their users do online. And should you do something considered "breach of copyright" like, for instance, getting a tattoo of a brand logo, taking a photo and posting it somewhere, you may be disconnected from the Internet, fined or even jailed.
This, of course, threatens the entire founding idea of the Internet – the free sharing of information. But ACTA doesn't stop there. It goes beyond the Internet, bearing down on generic drugs and food patents. If passed, ACTA will enforce a global standard for seed patenting, which would wipe out independent, local farmers and make the world completely dependent on the patent owners (read "big corporations") for supplies.
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  1. Please click the Read More Here link to read the entire story. I reported on this last week on the radio but did not see any coverage of it from any other source so I thought I would re-post this Common Dreams story on the blog.


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