Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reckless Driver Turns Around On US 101 And Dies In Accident

The Times-Standard is reporting that CHP spokesman Paul Dahlen said there were reports of a reckless driver weaving in and out of the lanes on northbound US 101. As officers searched for the female driver, she had turned her car around on the northbound land and started driving southbound.  It is unclear how or when she turned her car around, Dahlen said.

The accident occured at about 7:21 am this morning and northbound lanes were closed until about 9:25 am.


  1. My mom, sister and niece and nephew were five minutes ahead of this accident

  2. Stuff like that Anonymous is hard to figure out.

    Did you ever have an instance where you were running a bit late because you couldn't find your keys or some other reason only to find that there is a terrible accident where you would have been if you were on time. In this case it would seem that your loved ones were right where they were supposed to be that day.


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