Tuesday, June 9, 2009

B of A Scam To Nickle and Dime The Houseless?

I ran into a friend of mine who is currently housless, and has been for some time now. We were talking and he brought up that he had gotten a 250-dollar check from Barack Obama. He said he was quite pleased since he lives on social security and as I remember, disability. He had paid his bills and was out of money in his account at Bank of America. He said he checked his balance and it showed the check came in. He bought a cup of coffee. Later that day he made four other purchases, all under 5 dollars. Check Spelling

When the first came around and he checked his balance, there was a problem. His stimulus had all but disappeared. B of A had shown the check was in but did not post it to his account. Because of this, he was charged 35-dollars on each purchase because he was overdrawn.

He told me that he felt that it was his fault at first for not calling the bank and and taking their word for it (or an atm's word for it).

He said that a couple of days later he ran into an acquaintance that is also on the streets. His acquaintance asked if he had gotten his stimulus check and my friend replied that B of A had taken all of his, his friend interrupted him and said: "Me too!"

They talked for a while and they each had the same story about B of A and the stimulus checks.

I am just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?


  1. I used to use BofA untill they started nickel and diming me. At one point, they charged me more than $50 in fees for using their ATM and tellers. So I walked into the branch to dispute it and they charged me a $15 teller fee. Arguing with them about it pissed me off so much I pulled all of my money from the account. They hit me with another fee for withdrawing money via the teller instead of the ATM. On my honor, this is a true story. I refuse to do business with BofA. They are the worst of the worst when it comes to quality, service, or any other redeeming quality one wants with their bank!

  2. I spoke to my friend again and he is going to move his banking to either North Valley Bank or Coast Central Credit Union. Both of these banks have a good reputation with their local customers.


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