Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Health Professionals Tell Congress They Want Single-Payer

Published on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by The Huffington Post
by Jeff Muskus

At a long-awaited House subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, health-care professionals made it clear that they believe a single-payer system to be the best and perhaps only workable option for health care reform.

"Single-payer is the only reform that can control health care costs," said Walter Tsou, a University of Pennsylvania professor and an adviser to Physicians for a National Health Program. The last 50 years of government policy have protected insurance industry profits at the expense of taxpayers, doctors and hospitals, he said.

"Our most famous radical document begins with the words, 'We the People.' Not 'We the Insurers,'" he said. "It is time for our own generation's revolution."

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  1. we will only get a tax to an offshore corporation with nothing in return, government does nothing right and muppets want to trust them with their health? government killed more people in the last century than anything else- somehow now they are saviors?

    watch the movie THE OBAMA DECEPTION for the inside track about who really runs things

  2. Good movie. I posted a link to watch it for free at the old blog. I had some problems with it though. The lack of clear references to things Alex Jones sites as fact and the global warming is a hoax parts didn't sit well with me.

    As far as health care goes, the current system works best for the rich and poor. The poor don't expect much, so any care they can get at the emergency room is a benefit to them, and the rich can afford to buy any care legally available.
    Doctors and hospitals will deliver better service if they can be assured they will get paid. Single Payer doesn't stop doctors, clinics and hospitals from operating as private entities, it just assures that if someone comes in, they will get some money. This is better than the current system where those of us with insurance and tax payers that are funding county hospitals are footing the bill for the uninsured. This breaks the backs of companies in this country that try to do the right thing and offer insurance to their employees to keep them healthy.
    Company funded insurance should be for care above and beyond basic care to attract and keep valuable employees.
    A perk.
    Single Payer would mean that many people could change professions and do something that they might be better at without worrying about loosing health care. This would reinvigorate the country and allow for more invention. With the current debt stacked against this country, invention and innovation may be the only way back to a vibrant economy that lifts everyone.
    If private is always better, try getting FedEx or UPS to deliver a letter from Humboldt County to New York for 44 cents.
    The corporations already run most of congress, lets keep them from deciding which insurance plan you should have bought to cover you for your inconvenient disease. Oh, too late, you already chose your plan and it doesn't cover that disease.

    But it seemed so easy, just pick your plan. How do you plan to be seriously injured or exposed to toxic substances as a child? You can't and that's why this is such a profitable business for those that write the insurance plans.
    That should be comforting the next time you are seeking treatment at the doctor and one of his many employees is spending their time on the phone trying to convince the insurance company that the procedure is necessary or should be covered. Is this an efficient use of time for the medical staff at your doctors office?
    If it is not covered, what are your options?
    Buy medical care with cash somewhere else or do without.
    I don't see how Single Payer would be much different in that way. They aren't choosing your doctor and he or she will have a much better idea of what's covered and what's not up front. There won't be a bunch of people in the back room making calls to insurance companies to authorize doctor recommended treatment. This would be cheaper and more efficient.
    All U.S. companies would be more competitive in the world markets and at home.
    Health is something that doesn't work with the insurance model. It is something that effects all of us, rich, poor and the shrinking middle class. Sickness and disease don't see affluence or boarders, just bodies.


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