Saturday, June 27, 2009

Out of Town For A Welding

That's a wedding. Which in reality is a bit like a welding in that we hope that the two parts getting welded never separate. My nephew Michael is getting married to Lisa and they are having one heck of a celebration at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library after the wedding ceremony today. That's not to mention the party last night at Tapps in Brea that was first class. There will also be a brunch on Sunday that I will attend.

The happy couple wears the dark hair in the picture. The other beautiful girl belongs to my brother or the other way around.
Hope the station holds together till I get back, I did leave it in good hands with Sarah and Dana.
Sorry Crabs fans, I wont be handing out hats till Wednesday at the soonest.
I only have 8 left but boss man Rob was saying something to J. B. about getting more.
It had something to do with me dressing up as George Washington on the 4th. of July.
That's not going to happen.


  1. .Open bar, string quartet, Filet Mignon and shrimp, Presidential Library.
    They left in a 1935 Rolls Royce.
    My nephew and his new bride did it up in style.
    Michael and Lisa, may you have a wonderful life together.

  2. Indeed they will! Post more pics!!!

  3. I got back.

    It was so hot going through the valley that I had salt crystals form on parts of my face. I skipped the air conditioning on the car for mileage. I got about 34 mph and went through almost a case of water on the way home. It was well over 100 degrees. The car didn't use any water.
    I should have gotten the air conditioning.


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