Monday, June 1, 2009


It almost made it 18 months. Doing a blog wasn't my idea. It was something recommended by my employers. We were either to do a Face book, MySpace or Blog. I chose to do a blog since I wasn't into the MySpace or Face book thing. I guess if I was still in a band, MySpace would be the clear choice.

Since I put a counter on the old blog last November, I got over 6,400 hits.I have to admit that I really like having a place to share my rants, thoughts, and pictures with the rest of the world. A blog kind of gets under your skin like radio or music.

Due to my big mouth, my employer didn't want their name attached to anything having to do with me blogging so I had to move to a site without their name attached.It will take me a while to get things back to normal here but it is my intent to continue blogging about politics, the local scene, veterans issues, and of course (beer, bbq and things in the sky).


  1. They were holding you are free now

  2. Yeah, I am free to talk about the freeway interchange the Rancheria wants to build in my back yard and other issues.
    I have nothing bad to say about the company I work for. Most of the people there are the best that I have known. They allow me to make some money for doing something I want to do. There are always things that come up that get in the way but as Michael Franti says: And you don't stop, and you don't quit. Everybody on the move!

    We still have unwarranted wars and constitutional violations going on and our health care system is being controlled by for profit corporations.
    There is a lot to talk about. Not all of it has to be negative and I hope to keep a positive outlook. It is my nature to see the good in the bad.


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