Sunday, July 26, 2009

Glen Franco Simmons Tells Why He Left The Eureka Reporter

A Hearaldo exclusive


  1. So, I'm getting ready to go to the Black Berry Festival today and check the Humboldt Herald on the way out. I saw this story and commented on the radio station where Glen Franco Simmons used to work. I got back from the festival to upload some pictures on the blog and checked back in at the Herald. Glen is laying into me for my lack of objectivity and honesty or something like that. There are some pretty good back and forth posts between us in the post that led up Glen's exposing why he left the Reporter.
    I was out of my league.
    That guy can write!

  2. My problem with Glen as I said in one of the posts is that he didn't do enough to counter the lies being told by the main stream media and talk show hosts on the station he worked for. A false war and torture were being sold to the sheeple and those of us in news rooms knew we were being lied to. Some of us spoke out against Dick Cheney and his involvement in 9/11, Iraq and torture. Some of us made excuses or said nothing at all to properly inform the public.
    I told him " If people in our position don't tell the people what is really happening, who will? He didn't post after that.


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