Friday, August 21, 2009

Fisherman Collapses And Dies At Freshwater Lagoon Today.

I'm a bit short on details. Here is what I know.

A 72 year old male was fishing in the ocean from the beach, across from Freshwater Lagoon just south or the town of Orick this afternoon.
The man was on his way back to the parking area next to U.S. Highway 101 with a bucket of smelt. He stopped and sat down about half way to the road. He then complained to someone that he didn't feel good and collapsed at around 3:30 pm on the beach. Rescue workers tried to revive him for about 45 minutes, but he died there on the sand.
When I arrived, officials were waiting for the coroner.
Update: His name is Tom Campbell. He lived on Old Arcata Road and is survived by his wife and children. Coroner said he had a history of heart conditions. Heart attack is suspected.


  1. I would like to send my condolences to the family of this man. Someone somewhere is missing their dad, grandpa, uncle or friend. I do have to say this man at 72 was fishing on a beautiful day at one of the most beautiful spots on the north coast, or in the world for that matter. It seems he was doing what he wanted to today. I hope I am able to get out and enjoy my surroundings like this guy when I am 72. If he is a man of faith, it is possible that he went from one paradise to another.

  2. Very sad. Not sure how I want to go but glad he was fishing.


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