Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If Most Of Us Want It, Why Can't We Get IT?

It ain't over till' it's over.
So a few people drank the tea. and got their news from corporations that care not to tell you the truth. They got together with the large corporations that had a stake in taking down the working class and tried to keep the rest of us from fixing the health care problem going on here in the U.S.
There is still time to influence our law makers as much as the lobbying firms of the big health care companies are.
They along with coal, gas and oil industries are funding some of these tea party patriots directly and indirectly.

We have to flood our Representatives with phone calls and emails.
Obama has said he can't do this stuff without our help. Call the White House and tell him you support Single Payer and or a Public Option. 1-202-456-1111.
Then give your senators and congress person a call, Don't let the few take away the progress of the many again.
Sign A Petition

Peter B Collins had a good podcast show about why we aren't being told the truth.


  1. Hear.. Hear..! Right on Tom.. hope you don't mind, but I want that sign on my blog too.. well spoken.. well said.. let't keep it moving...

  2. The nurse that gave me the sign said to pass it on. Anyone that want's to copy it should go right ahead.

  3. http://mediamatters.org/research/200908190050?newsref=tomsebourn.blogspot.com

    I saw this story about Fixed News on the Media Matters gadget on my own blog.

  4. Tom,
    Single Payer medical insurance is already here. You have a couple of family members that sell it. The real problem isn't single payer medical insurance; it is the cost of medical services. I just read an essay on the code of ethics of a doctor circa 1630. It noted that doctors have a duty to care for all people. It also noted that they should charge as much as their patient could bear. I spoke with an MD, OB/GYN three days ago at a meeting who pointed out that doctors do not chase down patients who received care for which they could not pay. However, the insurance companies do. Another MD said that about 30% of their patients pay cash when they can and receive huge discounts for it. Often, however, they cannot pay at all. She said that when this happens, she writes it off as a loss and tends to be content with having done her duty to mankind.

    All professions have an obligation and duty to help those who cannot afford their services. Often they must accept low or no payment for services that should cost thousands of dollars. As a professional land surveyor, I have donated hundreds of hours over the last two years (since becoming licensed) in FREE services to not-for-profit environmental groups and private individuals. Many of my associates have done the same.

    When an individual gives, we call it charity. When the government gives, we call it socialism. Why? Because when an individual gives, they give that which is theirs to give away for fee or free; they have control over whom shall receive and not receive. When the government gives, it is the collective property of the nation's citizens, We the People, which they freely hand out to whom "they" choose.

  5. By the way...most government workers receive FREE health care. The employees usually have the option to pay more and get better services/coverage but it is a choice. My private employer pays 100% of my family's medical, dental, and vision insurance. I still have $20 co-pays and a $1,000 deductible for in-patient services with certain limits. It costs my employer about $2,000 per month to do this for me as a benefit. When I was employed by the county I had the option of a cheaper program which the county paid 100% of the costs (less co-pays). The value (4 years ago) was ±$700. I received a $1,200 allowance which would mean I would get $1,200-$700=$400 extra in my pay check per month.

    Many of my county co-workers were from the USSR. They all said that working for the government was as close to socialism as one can get in the U.S. And you want to give them more control? And more tax money?????

  6. Yes, I want them to provide an option to insurance companies that don't want to cover people because of pre existing health problems. Health care is not like other services.
    It can be a matter of life or death, solvency or bankruptcy. Most Americans that file bankruptcy do so because of a health problem. Most of those had insurance. We pick up the tab. It makes your insurance go up.
    Private corporations should not pursue profits based on denying people health care. Fact is, to a point, the more people denied claims, the more money the insurance company will make.

    By the way, government workers don't receive FREE health care. They work for it. It is a part of their bargaining. That's why there are unions. So low level government workers can also get decent health insurance. What we are talking about here is not government run hospitals or doctors, just insurance. Insurance is gambling. How do you pick which disease you might get 5 years from now when signing up for insurance today? If there were one policy for basic insurance, you wouldn't have to guess. How do we shop for health care? When you go to the hospital or doctor, is there a menu with prices? No. It's guess work. If standard treatments had standardized prices, private insurance could do a better job. That's not reality. Prices are different all over the place. If you are bleeding, are you going to ask the first ambulance driver what he charges? If he says it's $150 dollars but there will be another ambulance along in a half hour that's only $100 dollars, are you going to wait and see if you die? This is gambling. Why do you want to gamble with people's lives?
    Taken to the extreme, would you ask the ambulance driver which hospital in the area has the cheapest prices on stitching up the hole in your skin? In those instances, most people don't have the luxury of shopping around.

    There is a reason that the CEO's of these companies make exorbitant salaries in the 10's to 100's of millions of dollars a year. If you have to make the decision of whether someone will live or die, you are a well educated psychopath. Only a psychopath can make those decisions and be able to sleep at night.

    Consider this, we pay twice as much per capita for health insurance as any other industrialized country in the world. Do you realy think that our care is twice as good as anywhere else>

  7. Tom, I heard your announcement on the radio today about the meeting in Fortuna next Wednesday evening. I'd like to attend, assuming anybody to the left of Genghis Kahn is welcome. Can you post that information?

  8. It's over at the North Coast Journal and there is a link to that below the counter on the left side of this blog under favorite blogs and sites.

  9. pls8395, I heard you are about to be a father again and the time is any hour now. I hope everything goes well.
    Stay calm but keep a cigar near by.

  10. The box of cigars is ready with one of them reserved for you! There are some complications... All are ok at the moment... Talk more about that later.

    The point you make is good: People being denied coverage is a serious problem. I see two parts that need to be addressed, neither of which call for what I keep hearing Obama talk about. Based on what you have said, and I agree, we need to take care of those who have a condition for which the insurance companies will not cover - like cancer or HIV! We should take a second look at what classifies an individual/family as being in poverty. With furloughs in my office, I am one paycheck away from loosing my job - and medical insurance. I have already made too much money this year to qualify for ANY assistance from the State, Feds, or utility companies - I have already started looking into it. If we can define poverty a little better then we can expand Medicare for those who are on the cusp of poverty.

    As far as the CEO's making HUGE profits, I think that says more about the shareholders (everyone with a retirement account, IRA, etc.). If shareholders elect these nuts to their boards and then choose to pay them... It is just crazy. Perhaps all insurance companies should be non-profits... Of course the CEOs of non-profits can still make 10's and 100's of millions of dollars. But at least they will be driven by their own greed rather than shareholder greed. Sort of like the credit unions; they still screw you, but at least you get kissed first!

    Changing the system would be good if we actually had a plan...

  11. The sign says Single-Payer. I think that is code for tax-payer sponsored...

  12. I think Single Payer means everyone pays in. Including illegal's if they get a paycheck. This is a big group of people that pay taxes on their paychecks but are not counted because they use stolen or made up id numbers.
    We're only talking basic and preventative care.
    If everyone had that, it would take a huge burden off of business. No workers comp. unless you are in a designated more than average dangerous job. Poor people would not have to use the emergency room at the hospital for a sore throat. More people would get treatment for infectious diseases and they would be less likely to become pandemic.
    Doctors could at least count on getting something when someone shows up at their office.
    Doctors and nurses I have talked to think it is the best idea.
    The public option is a close second. At least it would allow those seemingly uninsurable folks to secure some sort of coverage.
    The problems with co-ops is that they many times they become private like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, GEICO (government employees insurance company). When this happens, they are much like all the other insurance companies.

    The cost of doing nothing could be crippling to the U.S. economy.

  13. There are about 5 plans out there. I think there are 3 in the house and two in the senate. Could be the other way around. This is why it's so important to have an open dialogue about this and not shout over each other at town halls. We need to get the good stuff into the bill and keep the bad stuff out. Taxing insurance would fall into the bad stuff category. End of life planning is on the good side.
    There is still time to coalesce a good plan.
    Tell your representative the stuff you don't like and let them know of the stuff you think makes sense.
    If we don't tell them, the drug and insurance companies will.


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