Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Protests At Cardin Town Hall Feature AFP Booth, ‘Death Panel’ Warnings, And Obama-Hitler Signs

The Tea Party Patriots are starting to lose it on a national level. These photos are from ThinkProgress.org.

Click the headline for the post to see story from ThinkProgress.
The local TEA Baggers so called grass roots movement has found enough money to charter a bus to take people from Humboldt County to a protest in Sacramento on August 28th. These people are well funded and well organized. They have matching clothes and signs.


  1. They started out with a good cause and, according to the article, have jumped off the deep end. Of course we must look at a few things in order to keep a proper perspective: First, the media is liberally biased. Second, every rally or protest has its share of nuts. You need only to look at West Los Angeles and Cal State Berkley for proof. Third, criminal behavior, like graffiti and vandalism is not condoned by right-wing groups or left-wing groups. However, the fringes of both sides have skeletons in their respective closets.

  2. I disagree with your assessment that the media is liberally biased. Talk radio is about a 95 to 5 percent right wing bias overall across the country. Hour by hour the liberals are way out matched. The most watched news source in the entire country hands down is Fox News. They are way out front these days.
    The newspapers are shutting down or being bought by mega corporations. Those corporations use their media to further their corporate causes. They usually don't include a liberal agenda.

    I think that those two main stream media audiences, right wing talk and Fox News are causing people to go to town halls and disrupt the political process. They are giving misinformation and lying to people. Yes, I said lying. Fox news has won the right to lie in court. See the movie Out Foxed.

    Some of these people are so misinformed that they are arguing against government health care or insurance, but they are not willing to give up their VA or Medicare.
    Congressman Wiener of New York recently introduced a bill on the house floor to get rid of Medicare. Not a single republican voted for it. No one voted for it.
    Maybe if the TEA Party Patriots get their way, congress will listen and take their health care away.

  3. Talk radio is entertainment, not media. Perhaps I should use the word journalists instead of media, but I think most folks know what I mean.

    So far as I can tell, there are lies, false statements, and bias in all media...I mean journalism in the U.S. MSNBC is just as guilty as Fox.

    We, you and I and everyone else with a brain, need to separate out the "news SHOWS" from the news reports. If you ever want to read a real report that is raw and has little (not none) bias, read a bunch of police reports. Read a technical/scientific journal. These are very dry but they contain a series of facts in a specific chronological order. News SHOWS are the Katie Couric’s, Sam Donaldson’s, and Skip Sheppard’s. The News reports are the raw stories reported from several views by a disinterested party. The problem is that the former is where the money is. Many years ago, our local (O.C. area) newspaper was gobbled up by a big media company. I couldn't tell you who now owns it because it keeps getting purchased by larger media holding companies.

    I'm not sure about your VA/Medicare rant, but I know your heart is in the right place and I know you try to study the facts in depth and do your homework.

    Back to the Tea Party thing... You keep referring to The TEA Party Patriots which sounds like an organization. The folks whom I know that participated in the initial tea party revolts were just ticked-off tax-payers who are tired of watching their taxes go down the toilette and in to programs that only benefit a few select groups which line the pockets of Sacramento scam artists known as legislatures and their cronies.

    ...And remember, children, it's better to be a winner than a Wiener because Wieners never prosper.

  4. Don't confuse journalists with media. Talk radio and cable news as well as the National Enquirer are media outlets.
    Journalists are a different breed. They are becoming a rare breed. Media has taken over due to advertising dollars.
    Investigative journalists should be put on the endangered species list. People get their news from the Daily Show. Rush Limbaugh and Foux News, not newspapers. That's one of the reasons newspapers are dyeing. Another reason newspapers are having a hard time is because they are being bought by large corporations as you have pointed out. Those corporations take a newspaper that makes 20 percent profit, buy it, leverage it and borrow the money to cover the sale. They then expect the paper to make 35 percent profit to cover the cost of the loan used to buy the paper. This is unreasonable and the papers go belly up.
    People have fewer and fewer choices for mainstream information. The leaders of that mainstream are Fox and right wing talk radio. It is what it is. The dumbing down of our country for corporate profits. Coast to coast and boarder to boarder.
    Sean Hannity worked for Fox for years before making a profit. Rupert Merdoc spent almost half a billion dollars floating the propaganda until it started to pay back returns. You don't see that kind of money behind truth telling liberals. There is a media bias and it is corporate not liberal.


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