Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where Are The Free Speech Zones?

The people disrupting the town hall meetings across the country lately,
would have been relegated to free speech zones during the past administration.
Where are the barbed wire parking lots that people with t shirts voicing a different opinion than the administration were sent to in the past? Is Obama afraid to piss off the people that wouldn't vote for him anyway? Should he stoop to the policies of the past that screened people at town hall meetings and kept away those with voices of distention?

I have talked to many in the Tea Party Patriots camp and none of them could tell me why a single payer health care system wouldn't work. They just seem to have a set of talking points and don't want the government to take over their Medicare. I have news for them, Medicare is a government run program.

These people should be allowed to protest without being behind barbed wire and a block away. I support that. I don't support their disruption of the political process of us deciding what form of health care would keep most of us healthy and working.

I don't want a corporate suit deciding which treatments I am covered for and which would make them more profit if I were denied proper treatment for my medical problem.
If they were forced to compete with a government option, they might make better decisions.
If they were forced to compete with a Single Payer option, they might decide to go into the auto insurance business, or come up with some reasons that we should buy their expanded insurance.

Single payer should not exclude private insurance companies from offering services that the public wants. Those from other countries should always be able to come to the U.S.A. to get the kind of health care that only the rich can afford. That should not change just because the rest of us have some sort of basic coverage.

The only thing that should change would be the likelihood that some poor person with a nasty disease would give it to us because they cannot afford to have it looked at.

Education and money will not inoculate you from disease. We breathe and you breathe what we exhale.

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  1. Tom,
    Single Payer medical insurance is already here. You have a couple of family members that sell it. The real problem isn't single payer medical insurance; it is the cost of medical services. I just read an essay on ethics of the doctor circa 1630. It noted that doctors have a duty to care for all people. It also noted that they should charge as much as their patient could bear. I spoke with an MD, OB/GYN yesterday at a meeting who pointed out that doctors do not chase down patients who received care for which they could not pay. However, the insurance companies do. Another MD said that about 30% of their patients pay cash when they can. Often, however, they cannot pay at all. She said that when this happens, she writes it off as a loss and tends to be content with having done her duty to mankind.

    All professions have an obligation and duty to help those who cannot afford their services. Often they must accept low or no payment for services that should cost thousands of dollars. As a professional land surveyor, I have donated hundreds of hours over the last two years in FREE services to not-for-profit environmental groups and individuals. Many of my associates have done the same.

    When an individual gives we call it charity. When the government gives we call it socialism. Why? Because when an individual gives, they give that which is theirs to give away for fee or free. When the government gives, it is the collective property of the nation's citizens, We the People, which they freely hand out.


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