Saturday, September 5, 2009

Forced To Buy Health Insurance?

During the local town hall with Congressman Mike Thompson at Redwood Acres, Mr. Thompson said that all 3 health care bills in the house would require everyone to purchase health insurance. He said that in the same way you have to purchase auto insurance, you will have to purchase health insurance..

Mr. Thompson forgets that many in Humboldt County don't drive or own cars. For them, burning fossil fuels and spending money on insurance and mechanics is a waste of time and resources. His analogy of everyone being required to purchase insurance fell on deaf ears to those people that know the difference between cars and human bodies.

Fact is, you don't have to have auto insurance if you don't drive or own a car.

If this is progressive health insurance reform, I suggest they scrap it and try again.

A public option would make the situation more tolerable but they are talking about doing away with that. If that leaves us with only a couple of restrictions on Insurance companies, like they have to take you if you have a pre existing condition and you can keep paying your premiums if you loose your job, I say scrap it and start over.

Being forced to do business with a private corporation is not what progressives had in mind for health care reform. How will this stop the continued rise in rates?
Mr. Thompson let the cat out of the bag. He answered our questions, even if we didn't like the answers.

President Obama will address the country on Wednesday about health care. If he caves in to the special interests of the insurance industry and fails to back a public option, this whole progressive movement has no leader. It is up to the democrats to own up to why they were put in power. If they don't respect the people, they will pay the price in the next election.

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