Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jan Bramlett At The Westhaven Center For The Arts

Jan Bramlett played with Rick Parr last Saturday at the Westhaven Center For The Arts just south of Trinidad California.
If you missed it, she will be at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates on October 17th.
She has a great voice and writes some good songs.

If  you don't see the video above, click  here.


  1. an incredible voice, talent....human being! Always enjoyable to hear!

  2. Jan that is beautiful! I'm proud of you Love Brenda

  3. Listening to this brings back the memory of what a wonderful evening that was. Hope we hear alot more from you Jan. I love your voice and your songs! Love,Glenda

  4. Wow that was lovely, Jan!!! I sure will look forward to hearing you again on October 17 at Old Town Coffee. Your voice reminds me of Joni Mitchell. You Rock!!!

    Bring your guitar, self, and frineds to Richardson Grove State Park on Sunday October 4th around Noon to 4 p.m. for a potluck. Just look for a bunch of Redwood Curtain bicycle riders, and some who aren't. Peace and Love, Trisha

  5. Jan,
    How great that you are singing out again. I only wish I could see you live. I really forgot how beautiful your voice is.
    Pat from Philly

  6. I just listened again and this music lifts my soul.

    Prayers to the family of Missing Person Josh Palmquist. My missing son will be age 33 in January. We must hold the thought that they are well and protected, because of course they are.

    Much love and peace to all...


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