Tuesday, September 29, 2009

North Coast Stand Down This Weekend In Ferndale

If you know any military veterans, this event is for them. Imagine if you will, services that are normally spread out over the County and points beyond, all brought together in one convenient location.

DMV, medical, tax help, insurance issues, banking, the courts and justice system, information on benefits for surviving wives of veterans and more.

There will be food at the kitchen, a BBQ with tri-tip, free haircuts, help for pets of veterans including food and boarding for the three day event.
Some vets sleep in bunks but some choose to put up a tent and have a camp fire. Still others just stop by for a day and see if there are some services or benefits they were unaware of that might be of help to them.
For some, it's 3 days off the streets with showers and food and somewhere to sleep.

For info on V.A. benefits, vets are asked to bring their DD214. That's a DD two fourteen not two one four as I have been corrected. This will enable volunteers to get paper work moving faster and have better access to know what you might be entitled to.

The North Coast Stand Down starts this Friday, October 2nd. at 8:00 am. and goes through
12-noon Sunday October 4th.
Ferndale Fairgrounds, Ferndale California.
Transportation can be arranged for you if you can't get there.

If you know of any vets that could use some help, this is your chance to help them get it.

If you would like to register as a participant or volunteer for Stand Down, please call or visit

Redwoods Vet Center
2830 G Street, Suite A
Eureka, CA 95501


  1. Good job Tom.
    Getting the word out is really important-you may have improved lives that were otherwise without hope.


  2. This is a great event. I have been allowed down there even though I am not a vet. I have seen first hand all of the services and am a big supporter of the Stand Down.
    I have a friend this year who is a Marine veteran and served at the end of the Vietnam war. We'll probably head down there on Saturday.

  3. Sorry Tom, I was there on Friday just after breakfast and for a couple hours afternoon. I was devastated by the poor "support" by the community, much less the Vets. The clothing was a disgusting rummage sale, the chili for lunch didn't resemble chili, or any kind I've ever had. The cornbread wouldn't stand up to a pat of butter much less let you spread it. There were plenty of "pass the buck people" telling you what was available but it wasn't their job to provide it. And, that includes the official VET representation. "This is what "we" (as an organization do" but we don't do it here..."

    It was my first and possibly last Stand down. I was the ONLY person to come down from Del Norte County for the 3 Days of which @3 hours was TOO LONG, I left.

    I don't know how the other vets felt but I thought it a sham and found nothing of any practical benefit. I can't imagine, yet as I suspect being a Viet Nam era vet, the guys coming back from the Middle east are in for a sad and disappointing surprise. Deja Vu. It's happening again.

    I must say it isn't without parallel. We have local, city and regional offices offering "support" for the unemployed - but thanks to Mr. Obama's broken promises and "Arnolds" mis-management there are no jobs. You can't get water from a rock and a pot calling the kettle black accomplishes little.

    Jaime Yarbrough

  4. Jamie, I am sorry to hear that. I went last year and had lunch and it was quite good. They had the cornbread and chili and also tri-tip.

    I was planning to go with a friend of mine who is a vet but he chickened out. It is a long drive for me from Trinidad. I am not going to make the trek for myself as I am not a vet.

    This makes two disappointments for me on the same day.


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