Thursday, September 17, 2009

Study: 45,000 Americans die each year for lack of insurance

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Harvard researchers published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health a study which reveals roughly 45,000 American adults die every year because they are not covered by health insurance.

Researchers specifically noted that lack of health insurance now kills more adults than kidney disease.
The American Journal of Public Health is a subscription-only service. reported
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  1. It's like 100 jumbo jets crashing with no survivors each year. Minus the cost of the jets and pending investigations.

  2. It would be like loosing everyone in Fortuna and Eureka Ca. each year.
    We have seat belts and airbags that allow us to live through traffic collisions but not enough health insurance to put us back together after the crash.
    The Max Bacus bill in the Senate is not a solution to the problem. It is a give away to the insurance companies. We changed our entire democracy because 3,000 people died on 9-11-2001. We created the largest federal bureaucracy in the history of the United States (The Department of Homeland Security) to deal with these kind of attacks that happen no more that once every 7 years as far as we know. Why can't we create a public option for people to buy insurance through the government when the private sector is unreasonable. Based on these numbers, around 270-thousand people have died due to lack of health insurance. How many people have died in the U.S. due to terrorism?

  3. Soince 9-11, about 270-thousand have died. I left out a critical time frame.

  4. tom you are the most sorry self promoter the blogs has ever seen. how often can you name drop your radio station on the blogs and then like today your "news" reports consist of quoting your own blog. instead of calling it KGOE news why dont you just call it the tom sebourn report.

  5. Advocacy Journalism.

    Last night was the first time I ever mentioned kgoe on my blog.

  6. Tom,

    Glad to see you proudly claiming the mantle of advocacy journalism, and honoring Peter B. Collins when he recently did the same.



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