Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trying To Separate The Pope From The Progressives

Some really smart engineers are currently working on setting a trap at the tower for 1480 am here in Eureka. The trap, as it is called, is to prevent transmission problems occurring since Catholic radio station KIHH 1400 am entered into the market about a year ago. In certain areas, people can't hear 1480 am due to interference from 1400 am. This trap and one installed on the am tower that KIHH 1400 am shares and one on the 1340 kata tower in Arcata should solve all of the transmission problems that came about when the Catholics came to town.


  1. To be honest, it is AM radio and nothing will solve ALL of the problems with transmission or reception. It is however, mostly reliable.

  2. Once you trap them don't let them go. That should help.


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