Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anti War Rally On Saturday

Sohum Parlance II
Rally starts at 1 pm. at the court house in Eureka.


  1. Is this an Anti-all-war-rally, an anti-iraq-war-rally, or an anti afganistan-war-rally???? I guess it doesn't matter because it is a very long drive for me to do anything in Humboldt!

  2. Also, are you going to take up a collection there for the EDARS?

  3. So far it's just you and I. If anyone else wants to join us then I will have to search for an orginazition to oversee it. That would be where we mail the check to. Anyone else that want's to do this should post at the Everyone Deserves A Roof thread.

  4. reported today that the Pentagon released a report to the House of Representatives. The report said that for each soldier in Afghanistan, the U.S. spends $1,000,000 dollars a year.
    Why so much? The cost includes shipping, which sometimes includes the price tag of a helicopter flight. Sending fuel by helicopter is woefully inefficient, because it uses up almost as much fuel as it carries.

    Afghanistan is also landlocked, meaning that fuel must be transported in ways that stretch the limits of economic reason.
    Because the country has no seaports, fuel is shipped to Karachi, in Pakistan, then carried across land by commercial trucks through Afghanistan. For remote bases, gasoline is sometimes transported by air.

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