Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Winter Storm is Forcast for Humboldt County!

Link to Special Weather Statement.  Updated at 8:53 pm 10-12-09

Let us remember the men, the women and the children, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our sons and daughters who are huddled under a bush shivering in the rain.

Please join me in contacting Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass and requesting that she use the emergency powers vested in her to open an emergency shelter in a city facility for our homeless during this rainy period, and during the rainy periods to come this winter.

Mayor Bass Office: (707) 441-4200
Mayor Bass Email:

It is the responsibility of our government to care for the vulnerable among us.

I would like to thank Highboltage for reminding me of those that don't have a roof to worry about blowing off.  This storm looks like it will drop more rain south of Eureka than north.  Clean out the drains and get ready.  One thing we can almost count on is that there will be pleanty of room in the Eel River to hold the rain from this first big storm of the season.


  1. Thanks for info (and reminder of what this coming storm means to those without shelter) Tom.

    I'm calling Mayor Bass today.

  2. Tom,
    I admire this particular posting. Quick question...isn't it always raining in Humboldt??? Or do I just keep visiting when it rains???

  3. It does rain a lot but usually drizzle or light to moderate soaking rain, sometimes for days at a time. This storm is expected to be a doozie.
    Wind gusts to 60 mph. Rain 2 to 4 inches north of Eureka and up to 8 inches in the Kings Range in Mendocino.
    Homeless people don't usually build their shelters for this stuff.

  4. I hear you... PBS was doing a fundraiser for these little carts that are basically a rolling bed and shelter. I think the cost was around $400 each. I will see if I can find a link to post.

  5. Ok, they are $500... Absolutely a GREAT idea. The inventor should be given a Nobel Prize for humanitarian work.


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