Friday, October 16, 2009

Contrail Season

It's that time of year again.  Actually, any time of the year is good for contrails.  The story is that the cold, condensed, moist air in the upper atmosphere is disturbed by the object or jet moving through it.  This creates ice particles that form contrails that turn into long clouds.   What is not in the story is the question, why are there so many jets over Humboldt County?  We must be a popular fly over route both north and south over the mountains and in all directions elsewhere.  Only over the mountains is there a clear traffic pattern.  My favorite of these photos are the two jets crossing paths in almost the opposite direction.

Note the pockets of warm or dry air where the contrails stop and start again.
Looking up can be fun!
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  1. I have some very interestig information on these that I stumbled onto by pure luck. I can't share here. Head south for xmas and I'll tell you what I know...

  2. I've heard of stories that suggest these Con Trails are something sinister...

    Your explanation for them seems reasonable to me.

    But the conspiracy theorists are probably mocking you right now Tom!

  3. What ever they are, when I report them on the air, they stop within the hour. As happened yesterday. That part doesn't jive with the official story or is one hell of a coincidence.

  4. Now that's interesting!

    Really? I don't believe in coincidences.

    I may have to do some research on the matter. I have a buddy in Redding whose always complaining about them.

  5. I got nowhere researching this.
    There are a ton of pictures on the web and some independent samples of rain water and stuff, but no official verifiable answer.
    The photo on my blog to the right and down (the one that's always there) was examined along with about a dozen others shot on a disposable film camera. I had a famous local t.v. meteorologist put them on the 11 O'clock news, and as someone who would know more than myself, he said the jet didn't appear to be high enough to create a contrail that day

    I just sort of gave up except for pointing out when they are there.

  6. I suggest someone else in a position like mine simply point out what they see in the sky. Technically it is weather. If it is between you and the sun that should be there, it should be reported. I would like to know if someone else reports them if they go away there also.
    I believe that they just go beyond the fog bank or away from the visible air space when they are pointed out with 5 thousand watts.
    Still, I wish someone else would try it in their town. I'd like to know what happens.

  7. The sky changed after 1996- so did human behavior. There is no way that a "redesign" of a jet engine will cause a shift in the planet's ability to condense water at low altitude. Physics are constant, the manner in which the UN controls the population is what changes.
    Besides, these "contrails" appear in the summer as well. Herr Obama's sturmgruppen have told the public they are manipulating the weather and have a plan to spray the planet to stave off global warming. It's an known fact the weather is being crafted, the info is right there for everyone to see- most just choose to not look beyond their box.
    You'll get tossed off the air if you keep it up.

  8. To make life more comfortable and save money on snow plows, Russia announced that they would manipulate the weather around Moscow to cause it to snow outside the city. People on the outskirts of Moscow were not happy about that.

  9. It might be a threat. Truth is, in radio, any day might be your last. Use what you have when you have it.
    I've never heard of anyone being kicked off the air for reporting the weather. Man made or otherwise. It is considered one of my duties.


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