Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eureka City Council to Certify Marina Center EIR Tonight

The Final Environmental Impact Report on the proposed partial cleanup and development of the Balloon Tract known as the Marina Center is the only thing on the agenda at tonights meeting.  The Eureka City Council is expected to certify the report on a 3 to 2 vote, with Larry Glass and Linda Atkins expected to vote no.
The meeting is at the Eureka City Hall at 531 K Street, 6 pm. and will be broadcast live on Access Humboldt Cable Channel 12.
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  1. I'm not from around these here parts so maybe you can tell me how anyone knows how a council member will vote.

    The last time I checked, there was this thing called due process whereby the council members must refrain from formulating an opinion (at least publicly) until the public hearing. Also, I hear tell of a Brown Act. I don't think it is something that you are supposed to do in a bathroom but it sounds like something that may have happened behind closed doors. Not too sure but it sounds a bit fishy.

  2. The City Council voted to move foreword by a vote of 3 to 2.
    Linda Atkins and Larry Glass voted against it.

    Councilman Jeff Leonard sent out a two page press release begging environmental groups and others not to bring lawsuits until the first round of clean up had been completed.

    A poll he conducted and the public mood at the last Council meeting seemed to give him support for the way he voted. Leonard felt that many checks and balance procedures were ahead and that we needed to get this thing done as soon as possible. We are in a depression that has many of us favoring jobs over other considerations.


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