Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gateway to Trinidad Taking Shape.

Several Gateways are in the planning stages for the California Coastal National Monument

CCNM Manager Rick Hanks noted that the BLM is moving into the third year of implementing the Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the California Coastal National Monument. The plan established a preservation framework to protect the geologic formations and the habitat they provide for biota.
The monument corridor is 14,600 square nautical miles containing more than 20,000 rocks and small islands totaling about 1,000 acres of land area. Partnerships are the keys to management, with local gateways providing for local community involvement in management.
Three broad implementation priorities are protecting the resources, inventorying the resources and building partnerships, including gateways.
There are 12 identified gateways along the coast. These are areas where the public can learn more about the monument and specific parts of the coast and their communities. BLM is focusing now on building the Palos Verdes, Piedras Blancas, Trinidad, Pigeon Point, and Point Arena gateways.

Trinidad was first and is the most actively functioning gateway group.

The Chevron station in Trinidad removed their tall freeway sign today.  This evening, the new, much shorter sign in the picture above is in it's place.  The prices came down but stayed the same.  Well at least they were lower.  The less imposing sign is part of the Gateway project.

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