Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jumping Through Windows And Cheap CD Players

If your computer is doing strange things, you might not have gotten the Windows updates that need to be installed. For you Macintosh people, those aren't real computers so things should be working just fine.

There are about 20 recent Windows updates that need to be installed ASAP. It took me a half hour of South Park, My Secret Girlfriend, The Daily Show and The Colbert Repor (t) to get everything updated.

We had to update computers at the station and while we were waiting we fixed 3 Numark CDN15 CD players. My engineer and I, (he did the soldering and most of the work) replaced the lights in the back lit window of all 3 units that had failed. The CD players still worked but you couldn't read the track or time in the window. The lights were incandescent and we put LED's in. They will now work until the laser reader dies or something else.
The display window and circuit board seem to have envisioned LED lights but were probably substituted for cheaper bulbs at the Chinese factory where they are made. Numark has a newer model called the MP102, and it has LED lights in the display but the logic circuit freezes up on these models and they spend a lot of time shipping back and forth from the repair shop while under warranty.

We use single tray CD players and used to buy Sony or Yamaha units, but they stopped making them. Pete Meyer has 3 vintage Sony's in his studio. They last about 10 years. The new ones, about 3 months to 2 years. If anyone knows of a company making single tray, stackable or rack mountable CD players for less than $300-dollars, please comment and enlighten me.

P.S., Don't forget to go to Windows Update and expect to spend a little time.


  1. Why does 1190 kex come in stronger?

  2. KEX is 50 thousand watts, day and night.
    They are what are called a clear channel station not to be confused with stations owned by Clear Channel. This means that there is no station in the country on that frequency. The easy way to tell if a station is a clear channel station is by the call letters. They only have 3 instead of 4 as in KFI, or KNX.
    Eureka AM stations are 1,000 watts max at night and 5 thousand by day.

  3. Gemini makes a unit similar to the CDN15, 135 bucks at B&H (

    . I can't comment yet on the quality, but I'm going to order a couple for my department - we already have CDN15s and they're total junk.


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