Thursday, October 1, 2009

Military lawyer says Defense Department ignored calls for war crimes investigation

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By Kathleen Miller, Thursday, October 1st, 2009 -- 9:30 am.

WASHINGTON---The military lawyer that represents an Afghan youth who spent roughly seven years in U.S. custody says the Defense Department has repeatedly ignored his requests for a war crimes investigation into the detainee's treatment.

Air Force Maj. David Frakt, the attorney for former detainee Mohammed Jawad, says over the past 16 months he sent multiple memos to Defense Department and military leaders asking them to account for what a military judge called "abusive conduct and cruel and inhuman treatment” of his client. Jawad, who was arrested when he says he was 12 years old for allegedly tossing a grenade at U.S. military, was moved from cell to cell 112 times during a 14-day period to disrupt his sleep patterns, according to military documents. Frakt said he believes the treatment constituted torture, violated the Geneva Convention, war crime laws and Defense Department regulations.

"Why has no one--no one has been held remotely accountable for this," Frakt said in an interview with Raw Story. "This is a mandatory investigation. It's not optional, you can't just sweep it under the rug...but they did as far as I can tell.
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Without the established rule of law, what is one to do if caught up in a situation like this. The authorities can get things wrong and then not have a way out. They can keep us locked up without a lawyer and for just about any reason as long as they wish. If the law gets in the way, they can ship us over seas in what's called rendition.

Our names are attached to this type of torture and treatment of human beings.
The last administration in the White House had little regard to established law and did what they could do to corrupt the laws of this nation. The truth must come out. These people can't hide in the dark forever. We must see that our names are removed from this lie and that the names of those that did these atrocities are brought into the light and held accountable. 

George Bush said. "9/11 changed everything". It changed our rule of law. It allowed the collapse of our economic markets, the creation of a police state. It became the straw that broke the back of the middle class camel of the U.S.
The corporations have shown that they own our elected representatives by writing legislation for a rubber stamping house and senate that doesn't even read the legislation that they sign.

The Patriot Act that encroaches on the civil liberties of U.S. Citizens, was passed in a time of panic. Anthrax had just been mailed to media in Florida and the leaders in the U..S. Senate that could have killed the bill. They were so scared that they voted for the bill that they couldn't read because it was in a building that was quarantined.
Osama Bin Laden and the anthrax killer were never caught.
More money was spent investigating the Clinton White Water real estate deal and Monica Lewinski's talents than was spent investigating what happened on 9/11.
9/11 changed everything, including our rules governing torture.

How do we take back love, peace, and leadership in the world. How do we become that shining city on the hill again? And why is the guy on the hill being held and tortured without charges and access to a jury of his peers?
We need to get our laws back. If we allow our leaders to break the law without repercussions, than how are we as a society to govern ourselves?


  1. RawStory is a good web site.

    This article is well-done and asks the right questions.

  2. Beyond the allegations of torture, a 12-year old is still a child - even if he did throw the grenade...


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