Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Socks For Soldiers 6th Annual Dinner/Auction Tonight At Cher-Ae Heights Casino

Dinner at 7 pm. and No Host Cocktails at 6 pm.  Tickets are 20 dollars and that includes dinner and $10 dollars casino cash.  Tickets can be purchased at the Casino. 
Click on image to enlarge.
Sorry image is a bit crooked.


  1. This is a good cause.

    However, knowing myself, I would probably end up making a donation to the casino that was considerably more than the one for soldier's socks!

  2. I have many times paid 20 bucks for a club sandwich there.
    They are doing a fund raiser there next week for Orick school. This seems to be something new for Cher-Ae Heights. I think they are using the old poker room for this.
    I hope Rex was able to get some funds for Socks for Soldiers. Which, provides a lot more than just socks.


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