Saturday, November 28, 2009

Almost all the camping grounds within 100 miles of Los Angeles are now filled with people living in them

The United Nations special rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, was in Los Angeles listening to people on the streets.

Rolnik had waited more than a year to tour cities across the US to prepare a report for the UN’s human rights council on America’s deepening housing crisis following the subprime mortgage debacle.
The Bush Administration had refused her entry to the U.S.

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  1. It's a pretty sad statement that Americans are living in the streets in record numbers.

    It's revealing that with all of the USA's talk about helping feed 3rd World countries, we can't even take care of our own...let alone house them.

    It really pisses me off at times!

    Rolnik's report will hopefully wake some people up, and we'll address our own problems regarding homelessness and the side-effects it has on people.

  2. "Almost all..." I have camped at about 10 different sites in the last 2 years and I haven't had any problems getting a site in L.A. County Parks, Orange County Parks, State Parks or National Forests (not counting those destroyed or closed because of fires). I don't doubt that there are innumerable people living out of their cars at campsites, but how many sites constitute "almost all"? Camping at one of these sites requires obtaining a permit which usually requires reservations. In other words, it takes planning and some resources just to camp. Of course, I suppose many camp illegally, or is that an undocumented camper?? But if the UN counted them, aren't they documented??? Hmmm.....

    I know there are a lot of homeless sleeping in parks, but not necessarily at camp sites. would these be the same people? Could the UN researchers be slightly confused with our language and use of terms for camping at a park's campsite vs. sleeping in a park?

  3. Also, what were the reasons articulated by the State Department for denying Rolnik entry to the U.S.? There may have been appropriate circumstances or maybe not.

  4. No body knows much about the 8 years of Bush/Cheney or why they did the things that they did. The Senate released a study today that showed that Donald Rumsfeld as the head of the U.S. Defense Dept., let Osama Bin Laden get away. The Bush/Cheney administration did not listen to their commanders in the field and Bin Laden was allowed to walk free from Tora Bora into Pakistan.
    The entire administration was shrouded in secrecy for the duration. Even the original bail out for the banks was on the Bush/Cheney watch.
    That administration set a precedence and it is now being followed by the current administration. Secrecy, spying on the general population, two wars, recognizing another right wing South American coup In Honduras that removed a democratically elected president. We should have stopped this abuse of power when Bush/Cheney ramped it up before 9/11/2001.

  5. I shouldn't have said that nobody knows much about the Bush/Cheney regime.
    I meant that the main stream media doesn't tell much about what they did.

    Found out today that former Navy Seal, and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura had a 5 day a week gig with MSNBC in 2003. He said that because he was against the Iraq war that they paid him his contract and silenced him for 3 years.
    It was not just Bush/Cheney but the main stream media that got us to this situation of secrecy.

  6. Agreed, but back on topic, the State Department would be the agency in charge of approving diplomats and visas. Wasn't that under Powel? I would think it would be fairly easy to find out who handled it and what the final determination was. Also, if Rolnik was a UN Official (not just employee or agent) then she would have had access to the U.S. and pretty much anywhere she wanted to go (like a normal visitor or resident).

    Back on Bush/Obama. Both gave vast amounts of my money, your money, and my company's money to special interest groups. Those groups were the Wall Street boys and the public employees. Of course the money didn't go directly to any employee; instead, it was filtered through ALL levels of public administration so that every agency and their employees could justify keeping their jobs and maintain the status quo. The media has been dying (literally with respect to print media) to get their paws on some of the Fed funding. If that happens we go from a media that appears to be influenced by the State to a media that is actually and openly influenced by the State! Not good for We The People.

    As a result, you will continue to see more divide within the Democratic and Republican parties.


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