Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Manifest Positivity

Dave Berman over at Manifest Positivity had some more positive news on the homeless front today.

If you don't see the video go here:

Patti's Wagons  is the name of her one person campaign to help get food, clothes and other things to the local homeless population.   She is trying to build a kitchen and has much of the equipment already.  She especially reaches out to veterans in need.
You can help and donate to her cause by going to  /

Just another person with positive solutions for some of  the most vulnerable people in Humboldt County.


  1. Just doing a little positive traffic direction here. Thanks for doing the story.

  2. The link did not work... It needs another "T" in it so


  3. Thanks Sarah, I got if fixed. Usually I check those.


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