Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meat Based Life Forms Eat The Strangest Things!

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. We got a 23 pound Diestel Ranch turkey from Wildberries in Arcata. Everything is as it should be with pies already made and friends coming over. We'll have a fire in the stove and pop a few corks on some wine and enjoy.

We have a vegetarian coming over so we said we would make a Tofurky. It comes in a box like a kit. We read the instructions and decided we should do a cold smoke on it for about 20 minutes before roasting it. Never having cooked one of these I hope it turns out. It looks a little complicated but we are up to the task.

Still, if anyone out there has any suggestions, please tell.


  1. Suggestion: avoid eating things sold in boxes in favor of whole foods you cook from scratch.

  2. Dave, I would agree for the most part. It does say it is organic, and a tofurky is hard catch in the wild. And then you have to pluck and clean the thing.

    Even so, I will have some of the real bird.
    Just looking for any help cooking a fake one.

  3. Wait! I just checked, it is neither organic or free range.

  4. Our vegetarian said the smoke on the fake bird made it a lot better than others she's had.
    I used Mesquite for 20 minutes without heat,I then followed the directions.


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