Thursday, November 5, 2009

Should Corporations Be Allowed The Same Rights As Real People?

Thom Hartmann debates Michael Medved highlights before a live audience.
It took place on March 23rd. of this year.
The first video isn't specifically about corporate personhood but it shows Thom doing what he does best.
Not much Medved in this one though.

Here's the link to the You-Tube video with Thom and Dan Gainor about Corporate Personhood.
Thom Hartman can be heard on Am 1480 in Eureka, on satellite radio and on Free Speech TV.
Is show airs live locally from 9 am to Noon.


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  2. Thom was instrumental in my political awakening. Before W. Bush, I voted straight ticket Republican for more than 25 years.

    When W. came along in the 1999 primaries, something about him made me search out a different perspective. I found Thom then streamed on an obscure network called IE America. I especially appreciated his ability to put issues in a historical context. He quickly became my mentor as I retooled my perspective on the world.

    I've watched his ascension to national prominence with much appreciation, but little surprise. His is an exceptional mind, and he is a powerful voice for fairness and reason.

    Thank you for carrying his program.

    John Emig

  3. Corporations should have different rights.

    Officers of corporations should be held responsible for their actions and/or inactions and the impact that those activities have on the public.

    Individuals have civil rights, corporations should not. It seems pretty simple to me.


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