Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sun Brings Out The Artists

After about a half an inch of rain last night, the sun came out today and I got outside to take a picture of the coast from Trinidad looking south toward Westhaven.
I wasn't the only one taking in the view.  I saw local painter Steve Porter painting the same scene I had just photographed.

Below is one of his paintings.
This watercolor is of trinidad head looking south at low tide . 10.5" x 14" on 300 lb rough wc paper. It is still available. to inquire about this or more info, email me at
Steve just put up a blog and said he would email the link to me.  When I get it, I will add it to this post.
Another place to find Steve Porter is here.
Here is Steves blog.


  1. What an awesomely beautiful place we live....

  2. I've seen other watercolors of Steve's. He's an amazing painter.

  3. That is an amazing painting and some nice photography!


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