Thursday, November 19, 2009

US lawmakers: New tax should pay for Afghan war

They are all Democratic allies of Barack Obama and they say that those that fought in Afganistan would be exempt.
"Share The Sacrifice Act of 2010."

If the war is not paid for, its costs "will devour money that could be used to rebuild our economy by fixing our broken health care system, expanding educational opportunities and job training possibilities, attacking our long term energy problems and building stronger communities," they said.


  1. It really doesn't matter. We The People will have to pay for it all - healthcare, war, social services - one way or another. Our great great grand children will be paying for it as our nation is enslaved by those who will take away our liberties in the name of fairness and political correctness.

  2. thought obama was gonna do change and end war- your faith in corp-gov has betrayed you-

    banks run the country, not your uncounted vote

    you can see how when one votes in a staged election(s) they are party to murder and theft

    worship al gore and deny glaciers are growing in pnw and be sent to a camp to work off your tax bill to offshore banks


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