Monday, December 14, 2009

Anaheim lofts sell to bidders at huge discount

My brother had this over at his blog today.  Seems property values are down all over the state. 
Here's an excerpt from the O.C. Register

A live-work unit sold for $332,000 – some $169,900 off the original asking price.

Harbor Lofts is the latest project to slash prices to unload unsold units during a depressed real-estate market. In March, developers of Stadium Lofts, adjacent to Angel Stadium, offered 60 unoccupied units at up to 40 percent off original prices.

The archecture looks a lot like something coming to the Eureka water front. Instead of a major league stadium being next door though, there will be a nice Home Depot on the bay. Yep, instead of being within walking distance of Dave and Busters, The Duck Pond, Anaheim Stadium, the Center Street Promenade and even Disneyland, our development will be next to a hardware store. I'm sure they'll be able to sell them to someone.

I mean, the living quarters will be above the toxic waste cap.


  1. When I say coming to the Eureka water front, I put the cart in front of the horse. There are lawsuits and Coastal Commission considerations to be dealt with and the toxic clean up, not to mention the right to title that is in question.

  2. Was the City's Redevelopment Agency behind any of it?

    At the rate it takes to get the red tape out of the way, you might expect the Eureka apartments(condos) ready for sale in 2011 at the soonest.

  3. If we had listened to Kay Backer and HELP and the NCHBA five years ago, and let them build enough homes to fill the demand during the bubble, the way they did in Orange County, and in Sacramento (where Kay lives) and through out the Central Valley, then our home prices would have dropped in half also.
    Thank goodness that our Board of Sups is NOT in the pocket of the developers and lets just hope they are not swayed by the HumCPR crowd, which reminds me of the Tea Party Patriots, in that most of the members have no idea who they are carrying water for (Barnum Timber and other large land owners who want to subdivide for the former and the insurance industry for the later).

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