Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get Ready For Snow On The North Coast

Hard freeze warning is in effect from 2 am to 9 am Sunday.  Rain is on its way and it isn't going to warm up much.  Tomorrows high for Big Lagoon and Trinidad should be around 36 degrees.  That means a good chance for snow at sea level.
See Special Weather Statement from the National Weather Service.


  1. My furnace broke near the end of last winter. It has been damn cold the past few nights.
    I do have a wood stove in the works. Should have it and installed in a matter of weeks.
    Tonight I have about 15 tea light candles burning and my catylitc propand camp heater.
    I have aluminum wiring so space heaters are a bad idea.
    Currently I got it up to 52 degrees in here. It is 33 outside. Not bad considering.
    Still, I can't wait to get my stove.

  2. Tonight the National Weather Service says there is an 80 percent chance of no snow.
    Plenty of frost though.

  3. Oh darn! I was hoping to take my pug for a walk in the snow, and to take some photos.

    Oh well...perhaps another day.

  4. That's why the birds fly South for the winter. You should join them/us.

  5. I don't fly and have been known to jump out of planes.
    I'll stick my thumb out.

  6. It did snow on Humboldt Hill last night.


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