Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Patrick Higgins For 5th Distric Supervisor

Fifth District Harbor Commissioner Patrick Higgins has announced his run for County Supervisor for the same district. I live in this district and support his efforts on the Harbor Commission. We disagree on the overall potential of the railroad but both support some sort of passenger service if it were feasible.

Overall, I am supportive of his candidacy and will most likely support it with an official endorsement.

I have never officially endorsed any candidate for any office in Humboldt County but this could be my first.
(photo from Humboldt Herald)


  1. On KMUD, and in this week's McKinleyville Press.

    Patrick Higgins For 5th District Supervisor, with a T.

  2. OH CRAP! I just clicked on your Pat Higgins link and got a warning that this site may harm your computer. LOL malware.

  3. Better than Malwart. Rose you say on your blog that I am endorsing Patrick Higgins for 5th. I have not officially done so as of yet.


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