Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tax The Rich

A Bloomberg National Poll conducted Dec. 3-7 shows two- thirds of Americans favor taxing the rich to reduce the deficit.  The story.


  1. Did the poll ask the participants to define "rich"? Is it anyone making more than $50K per year? $100K? $250K? $500K? $1M? Did the poll consider regional costs of living? Rather than a blanket "tax the rich" which is too general and broad to even be considered a reliable poll, how about a national sales tax in lieu of income tax? OR how about a flat tax on everyone, rich and poor alike. The pain would be proportional which makes more sense and is certainly fair.
    I'm not rich and I pay 50% of my household income to the government through various taxes. The government doesn't spend it where any of think they should. You and I are being taxed to death and receive NOTHING in return. We are not a safer nation. Our roads are not improved. Our poor grow poorer and the hungry are starving. If you called 911 and the Trinidad cop wasn't on duty, you would be waiting 30 minutes for a deputy to shoot a crazy murderer who is try to kill you. The State's water quality and supply continues to diminish. With each new tax we get more restrictions and fewer benefits.

  2. The story didn't say. It would be safe to say based on these numbers that they are talking about the top third of income earners in this country. Since 2 thirds were in favor of taxing them.

  3. I like your logic. But where was the pole conducted? Rural midwest, metro east or west, the south (does FloriDUH count as the south??)???

  4. I once heard State Attorney General Brown, back when he was running for President, talk about having a flat tax, and ever since then I've always believed that is the obviously fair and all-inclusive way of paying taxes. Just a single plain percentage number.

  5. Greg, that's the problem with polls. I was push polled by Michael Regan the other night. He, an automated version of he, would ask a question, yes or no. First question: Would you say that you are pro life?
    I thought, no I like death and destruction.
    WTF? I guess they were trying to see if I was in favor of war and torture.
    In reality, they wanted to use that yes or no answer to say I am against, or for abortion.
    But they didn't ask me that.
    All of the rest of the questions were asked in that way and I skewed the f out of that poll.
    What are the odds of them callng me instead of someone that just watches fox news and dvd's?

    I would think that Bloomberg would give more info about the poll. It was a web site for crying out loud. Not like they would run out of ink giving some more stats and numbers.

  6. A professor of statistics and probability (true story) told me two or so weeks ago that the probability that 72% of all statics are made up is 86.8% true.

    He had some gems of wisdom with respect to a Cal State University Psyc program that use to ask his opinion of their findings. After the doctor was done ripping their numbers apart, the Psyc department would go ahead publish their "findings" regardless...


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