Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where Else Would They Go?

.  People without houses protested the closure of the Tarp Camp at Eureka City Hall tonight.

A group of just under 20 held signs and waited for dinner that was to come any time. Kimberly (Verbena) Starr was arrested Sunday night by Eureka P.D. and is still being held . Times-Standard said she was arrested for trespassing, resisting a peace officer and a probation violation.

Last Sunday, the E.P.D. in a show of force closed the Tarp Campground in the parking lot of the City Hall that had been going for a month.

On the bright side, temperatures should only dip into the 30's tonight.

In one of the richest counties in the U.S.A.  things are not much better.
An estimated 20,000 people in Orange County are homeless.


  1. Has Kim been arraigned? I think she needs a new attorney. If she was arrested Sunday, she should have been arraigned on Monday at the County Superior Court. Can she not afford bail? Was she never granted bail by not being arraigned? Too many questions...

  2. The same situation across America...the homeless population grows with the depression.

    It's just not right that one of the richest countries in the world has so many homeless people, when so many other countries seem to have less (percentage wise).

    It's because we're losing our humanity, and that more than anything, accounts for homelessness in America.

  3. No one was there tonight. The rain was falling and it wasn't as cold. Since they can't put a roof up now at the city hall without fear of arrest, they are somewhere else. I hope they all found somewhere dry. I talked to several of the
    protesters last night and they were polite and engaging and had high spirits. Except for one. She hated me for some reason. There's always one.
    What ever her name was, ( I forgot to ask), was an example of someone you might not want to take in. The others were pretty cool and if I didn't have a job and had to join their ranks, I would want them backing me up out there.
    Good folks, good company. I hope they are alright tonight.


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