Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apparent traffic accident takes 5 radio stations and one TV station off air

A traffic accident on U.S. Highway 101, near Elk River Road just south of Eureka occurred at about the same time power was lost to many residents on and near Humboldt Hill at about 8:20 pm. The power outage took TV station KIEM off air and cable as well as all 5 Bicoastal Media stations, KRED, KKHB, KFMI, KATA, and KGOE.

Power was restored within about 40 minutes.
I have no information on the traffic accident. My report was from someone on Humboldt Hill that saw the emergency vehicles from their home on the hill.

The two incidents appear to be related.


  1. Thanks for the information. I feel sorry for that.

  2. The power was out on Pine Hill until midnight! There was a power line down just east of the Elk River/Herrick Avenue intersection.

  3. This is a perfect example of why bloggers should never, ever try to "report" news.
    No accident, only a downed power line. Emergency vehicles were actually PG&E.
    Someone a few miles away claims they can actually see the fire trucks on a dark rainy night? Stand at the site of the downed line and you really can't see Humboldt Hill.

  4. Would he be "reporting" if KINS/KEKA/KWSW were off the air. Doubtful.

  5. If kins/keka or kwsw were off air I wouldn't know. I don't listen to those stations.
    There was an truck fire in the north bound lanes of U.S. 101 this afternoon at about 4pm. It was in the same spot as last nights power line down.

    Strange that the power line just fell off the pole without any real wind and no car to bump the pole.
    That is a story all by itself.

    I had to know about this and not kins power outages because the radio tower next to the radio station was dark. That means I have to call the FAA to report the hazard for aviation in the area.
    That would be another story but it is why I am more concerned with the stations I work for and less the stations I don't work for.
    That and the fact that the am programming on kins and kwsw sucks!

  6. Nice fair and balanced reporting there tom I guess it takes one to know one. Or I know you are but what am I or Im the rubber and you're the glue or any of those snotty little playground games both the left and right talk radio people play.

  7. Fair and balanced is a slogan used by Fox News. In court Fox News won the right to lie in their broadcasts.
    They have the right to make their employees lie.
    If I or someone else gets the story wrong, that is different than a deliberate lie. Talk about games people play. Fact is, the power was out. Fact is, emergency vehicles were on the scene of a downed power line. Fact is, no other news outlet was covering the story. Fact is, I gave an account of a witness as the source. The witness is an employee at the radio station I work for and has never lied to me that I know of. I fail to see the spin or unfair un balanced bias in the original story.

    My comment about the other two am stations in town was my biased opinion and I stand by that. I would like to ad that their local news does not suck. Just the programming.

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