Sunday, January 10, 2010

Earthquake 6.5 in Eureka Ca.

I hope everyone is ok.
The ground shook at 4:27 pm Saturday as I was on my way to Eureka to see the movie Avatar. We stopped at the store to use the atm in Trinidad and the power was off. We went back home to see what was up and our room mate was all excited about an earthquake. I said good luck and headed to the radio station.

It took us about 40 minutes to get the generator out of storage and hooked up. Rollin Treahearne of fm 92.3 Big Red and Dana Hall of Cool 105.5 fm were already at the station when I arrived. Also there was our public affairs and PSA director Deborah Daniels. Elaina came in to run a game that wasn't to be aired as both our am stations 1340 ESPN and 1480 KGOE News Talk were off at the transmitter sites as well. CNN was on the phone and we were still trying to get the 3 FM's which include Power 96.3 fm on so Elaina handled that as the calls poured in. Kathy, one of our sales persons brought some food and cigarettes and answered some calls.

Victoria, showed up out of nowhere and also started taking phone calls. We fed the information coming in to Rollin and Dana aka Rock and roll Burlyman and they informed the public non stop with no music or commercials for about 4 and a half hours. When the phones died down, we put on some music and the generator died.

It was amazing to see the information being passed as we had 4 dead studios, no internet and no lights other than flashlights. Deborah brought her camp lanterns, it was a bit like camping.

We got all 5 stations back and reprogrammed by 2 am this morning. That's why this is my first blog on this.
I was on the air with Rollin, taking phone calls and doing generator things until now.

As far as I know, no one was killed or even seriously hurt. There was a guy on Humboldt Hill who said his chimney fell in and crushed his two dogs. A fire resulted and he had to put that out as the fire department took over an hour to get to him. He suffered minor burns on his hands.

The scene at Channel 3 was interesting as they had to broadcast from their parking lot with power from their mobile news van.

There were many reports of leaking propane and natural gas as well as cracked roads and down power lines. Many people called in to report that their brand new TV's they got for Christmas were smashed as well as several people who reported their houses had shifted off their foundations.

The bayshore mall is a small disaster area with sprinkler damage and fallen ceilings and merchandise.
I took the above photo on my way home at about 11 pm Saturday night.  The lights were on but no one was home at the Chevron Station on Broadway in Eureka.  The store had a pretty good wine section just a few hours before.  Not so much now.

We live in earthquake country so we are supposed to be ready for this stuff. It seems like we did ok this time.

Lets all take this as a wake up call to make sure we have what we need to be self sufficient for a few days, even up to a week. Sometimes when things get really bad, it takes that long before help arrives. We all remember Katrina.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had fun last night. I'm enjoying the posts on local blogs about our earthquake yesterday.
    There's stuff to be read that will never make the mainstream media.

    I heard the TS staff were trying to put out the newspaper in the parking lot on a PC. Also heard something about getting help at the Ferndale Enterprise. Not sure the roll they played in getting the TS out.

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  3. I am very glad to hear that you are ok.

    Wake up call... Yeah, you got that right!


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