Friday, January 1, 2010

The Morning Show Guys Do A Wedding

Last Night, in the picturesque town of Scotia Ca., a wedding took place. J.B. Mathers married his princess Kacy and I allegedly got some grainy footage of part of the ceremony.

The Scotia Inn was decked out in thousands of extra Christmas lights brought in just for the occasion.
They rented out the entire Inn and overflow crowd bedded down at the Holiday Inn Express in Fortuna where a shuttle bus was provided.

The Reverend Rollin Trehearne (morning guy on Big Red Country 92.3 fm) did the honors and D.J. Pete Meyer ( morning guy on Power 96.3 fm) provided the sound for the ceremony and the reception that followed. In the video Pete Meyer can be seen doing his Phantom of the Paradise impersonation between the speakers in the balcony above.

J.B. was nervous which was funny since he is the local news and sports dude on 5 radio stations, does live play by play in front of huge crowds, and even does a TV show.

If indeed this is actual footage of their wedding, it is so grainy that all parties involved could deny they were even there but just the same, I can't show you what happened at the reception. You'll have to ask someone else that was there. I will say that the drinks flowed well into the next year.


  1. Hey Sebourn,

    I am one of JB's groomsmen and I videoed a large part of the wedding festivities but was unable to footage of the wedding because I was in it. If you could, please email me a copy of this video file. My email is - - thanks man.


  2. I shot 3 short videos. They are on their way.


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