Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Beer For Democrats

I saw this at Erik's blog, he said it should go viral and I agree.

With the recent Supreme Court decision that allows corporations unlimited influence in our elections, some balls or ovaries will be needed in congress to regulate corporations. This will get sticky because most corporations are creations of the states. That is U.S. corporations. The way I understand it, foreign corporations that do business or have chapters and such here will also be able to buy this influence on our elections.They will be limited only by the amount of money they have on hand to spend.

Consider this, in 2008, Exxon/Mobile made a profit of 45.2 billion dollars. They could use 10 or 20 billion to run ads for pro oil and gas law makers or against green candidates. Can our millions match their billions? Not likely.

Will we ever get single payer or proper health care? Not likely in this environment. On Thursday, five activist, right wing, Supreme Court Judges overturned past court decisions and have put corporations ahead of citizens when it comes to government.

And then there are the voting machines that are supplied by corporations that don't share their secret programming codes. There is no way to verify the votes from these machines without a hand count of the scanners that still use paper ballots. Recounts aren't funded, and are found upon. When they are funded, many times they are met with resistance by local registrar of voter folks that don't want someone snooping around. Read the Brad Blog for more on that.

I don't think that there is much time for the citizens of this country to wrestle power away from the corporations and through government, bring it back to the real people of this country. (Not the people that were created by the U.S. Supreme Court when it said that corporations are people and entitled to the same rights as people).

I say if they have the same rights, then they should be required to die within the average life expectancy of the people in this country that they have so much control over. If the corporation screws up and causes someone to die, should they also get the death penalty? Yes. Not the share holders, unless they voted in a way that enabled the persons death, but the company should die and exist no more. That is what  could happen to the rest of us in some states if we killed someone.

If the corporations are people with limited liability, maybe the people need to become a few big corporations with the same protections.
I call for a corporation of the people of the United States Of America! We would all be share holders and we could all vote with or without verifiable machines.


  1. Well at least we know who owns us now. When the supreme court is afraid of corporations, who do we have left? With the amount of money that the major corporations have to throw at advertisement and thought control, what chance do we have?

  2. Ernie,those who were behind the concepts supposedly adopted by the what some historians call our "Founding Fathers" were eerily afraid of corporate power.
    What chance do we have?End both the Fed,and corporate personhood.


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