Monday, February 15, 2010

The Friends Of College Cove Put On A Show In Trinidad

Close to a hundred people turned out for a presentation at Trinidad Town Hall tonight. The grass roots group calling itself "The Friends Of College Cove" put on a slide show and with a Q and A for local residents concerned about an 18+ acre subdivision planned near College Cove north of Trinidad.

The project would allow the property to be divided into 9 lots with a living unit on each. The county code allows each of these to also have a second unit, sometimes called a mother in-law unit. Water is available through 5 wells that exist on the property and did not seem to be an issue. Septic systems were. The entire Trinidad area is on septic, from Moonstone to Patrick's Point. Residents are concerned about the wastewater impacts to a creek that runs adjacent to the property. Locally known as college cove creek, though the creek has no official name, it is the creek that dumps off a cliff and forms a waterfall on college cove beach.

Other concerns were raised about the number of trees that would be removed and a retaining wall along a road deep into the property that may be seen from Stagecoach Road.

People were asked to write letters to the Humboldt County Planning Commission with their concerns about the development. Those letters would be delivered to the commission by The Friends of College Cove.

The presenters are pushing for an Environmental Impact Report to be done on the property before the Planning Commission gives it's final approval. They also urged everyone in attendance to show up to the next meeting of the Planning Commission.

Off the record, Harbor Commissioner, Patrick Higgins was in attendance and supports the idea of a full EIR to be conducted.
Dennis Mayo, on the Planning Commission said he was there to observe and learn but said in the end, the Commission would follow laws set up by the County regarding property development.

The project is being designed by Laco and Associates and a representative was present but he, Mr. Mayo and Mr. Higgins were not asked to speak.

The next Planning Commission meeting is on March 4th. at the Humboldt County Court House at 6 pm.

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  1. With some of the latest developments in septic technology, I don't see the septic/creek issue really becoming an issue.

    If the developer is shooting for 9 lots they will sacrifice one to make the project move forward with 8 lots. As it is now, this land is private property which the public cannot use or enjoy. The community can however benefit by the dedication of trails over the subject land for public use.

  2. All the opposition realy wants it an EIR. That could cost the land owner big bucks.

  3. They should file an EIR. EIR's are usually required for Final Maps which this project would fall under. I would be surprised if the County didn't require one.

    Also, there is the Coastal Commission...

  4. Reporting what he heard at the FOCC meeting, of course the points were inaccurate. Let's run down the points again: a mother-in-law unit will not qualify for each of the lots, pollution to the creek is minimal (which is already polluted) and Homan is going to take steps to improve the creek's condition, a vegetative barrier is going to be created which will hide the retaining wall, and Homan is willing to do an EIR to satiate all concerns. And as the article points out, it is mainly the County laws which need to be met, and Homan is making dead sure of this.

  5. It seems like the property owner continues to make every effort to satisfy everyone's concerns. However, there will always be people that just want to stop such a project and will raise objection after objection. Watch for a parade of new challenges as former ones are mitigated. If the concern didn't exist on day one, you're just slinging issues and hoping one will stick. Let's try to remember that a local family owns, yes, OWNS this land. We all have to have some rights with our property. It could be you next. Maybe your neighbor doesn't like your pool, or the color of your shutters. Or the van you park in the driveway. Preserve some freedom.

  6. However, there will always be people that just want to stop such a project and will raise objection after objection.


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