Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentunes From ArMack Orchestra/Madrigals

I was at Ritas Margaritas Restaurant in Arcata for my friends birthday tonight.  In the door came 6, smartly dressed girls. Three of them had what looked like machine guns but turned out to be violins. They were there to serenade a couple for Valentines day. They just walked in the door and like a singing telegram, started to play. I had my small camera for the birthday so I captured the ArMack Orchestra/Madrigals in compact video singing the old Turtles song "Happy Together". They were just about the best mariachis I have ever heard.

They are actually a group of girls made up from Arcata and McKinleyville. They can be hired play up to three days before Valentines for just $15.00 for the first song and $5.00 a song after that. A chocolate Heart of Flowers can be added for just a few more dollars along with a written message for card delivered when they show up.
No email but you can write to them for next year.  Available only in Arcata McKinleyville area.
ArMack Orchestra, Arcata High School, 1720 M St., Arcata, Ca. 95521
(send a self addressed stamped envelope or a self undressed stamped elephant to receive order form which will need to be mailed back).

Disclaimer: I do radio commercials for Rita's but did not receive any special gratuity or discount for writing this.

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