Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Open Letter From Redwood Curtain Copwatch

We, of Redwood Curtain CopWatch, receive report after report of unprovoked, vicious behavior by Sergeant Michael Quigley toward houseless people. With this letter we intend, once again, to alert you to Quigley's regular practice of abusing his authority and abusing people whom he apparently perceives to have little to no political power. As exhibited by his indecent and cruel behavior, Quigley believes he has absolute impunity to blatantly and repeatedly violate peoples' human and constitutional rights. This open letter goes out to hundreds of individuals and groups to call attention to Quigley's ongoing unacceptable behavior and to publicly call on you to correct it immediately and prevent any such misconduct and abuse in the future.

Read the entire letter at the link below.


  1. That's what people are trying to do.

  2. It works quite well but the camera operator should keep a reasonable distance (20ft-50ft) so as to not "interfere" with a peace officer.


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